"An enriching and nurturing environment for your young learner"

Philosophy of Care

Agape’s Care Philosophy is governed by the following principles:

Family First

At Agape, it is considered a privilege to care for your precious child. The ideal primary care setting for very young children is within their own loving home, but for many, there is a need to seek care outside of the family. The goal of Agape Family Child Care is to support family by providing care in a loving environment that is consistent with home, while offering enriching experiences, thereby enhancing your child’s optimal development.


It is important that care provider and parents work together for the benefit of the child. Each offers unique and valid perspective. Open and honest communication is encouraged regularly through daily communication, documentation, and conferences initiated by either parent or provider.

Individualized Care

The intimate setting of family childcare lends itself to meeting specific needs of each child. Structure is flexible, yet predictable enough for children to develop confidence in expectations and anticipations encouraging stability.


Extremely important for children under three years of age, Agape Family Child Care offers one consistent primary caregiver throughout your child’s early development. Research has demonstrated that consistent, nurturing relationships are critical for healthy brain development.


As a part of California State Licensing requirements, provider is certified in Health and Safety training. Provider and assistants are certified in First-Aid and CPR, including Infant CPR. We have obtained Fire Department Clearance in compliance with state regulations and maintain regular and routine health and safety self-checks.

Education and Professional Growth

With the rapidly expanding body of knowledge in the Early Childhood Education field, emphasis is placed on providing care of the highest quality by maintaining professional growth that reflects the standards of the field. Agape Family Child Care is committed to on-going professional growth, which includes participation in early childhood conferences, mentorship, and coaching.

About Us

Hi! My name is Dolores Benson. I am a licensed, professional child care provider with over 30 years experience.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and have taken graduate classes in Clinical Psychology emphasizing Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am a Certified Trainer in WestEd's Program for Infant and Toddler Care. I specialize in partnering with families to provide the highest quality care available for infants and toddlers up to three years of age. I also provide care and facilitate learning for children up to 12 years of age.

Assisting me in the care of your child is Arlene Siebert-Rinker. She is a dedicated and experienced child care provider, educator, and former administrator, also with over 30 years in the field. Arlene specializes in providing developmentally appropriate curriculum for our preschoolers.

Specialized Infant/Toddler Care

Yes, your baby is special and needs to grow and learn in a safe, caring environment in which he or she will thrive. The best setting for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, apart from a loving home, is intimate and nurturing. I will partner with you to ensure that your child receives the best start possible.

Program features:

  • Christian guidance principles
  • Nutritious meals
  • Environmentally friendly cloth diaper service option
  • Observation and assessment using "ASQ" (Ages and Stages Questionnaire), and DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile), developmental tools
  • Daily activity planning targeted to your child's developmental needs.
  • Individualized early childhood curriculum development
  • Parental partnership emphasis
  • Solano QRIS partnership (child care quality rating system)

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Mission Statement

Agape Family Child Care is committed to providing the highest quality care available for children during the first three years of life, and beyond. We offer an enriched and nurturing home environment that respects and imparts value to each individual child and family, laying the foundation for a lifetime of optimal learning.

Regular Hours of Operation

(additional hours of care may be provided by agreement)